Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Muskoseepi Park is a beautiful park located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The park is home to many trails for biking, jogging, walking, a playground, a splash park, and a skatepark. There is also a pond where visitors can enjoy fishing. Muskoseepi Park is the perfect place to spend a sunny day outdoors with friends or family. The park is also home to Thrill Hill 18 Hole Disc Golf Course. The course is a challenging and fun way to spend an afternoon outdoors. It winds through the trees and around the ponds in the park, making for a beautiful and peaceful experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced disc golfer, Thrill Hill will provide a great challenge. You won’t be disappointed! So if you’re looking for a beautiful park to spend a day in or a challenging disc golf course to test your skills, check out Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Things To Do In Muskoseepi Park

Ernie Radbourne Pavilion

The Ernie Radbourne Pavilion is a multi-purpose facility located in Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The pavilion was constructed in 1982 and was named after Ernie Radbourne, a former mayor of Grande Prairie. The pavilion is used for various events and activities, including concerts, sporting events, trade shows, and community gatherings. The pavilion has a capacity of 3,500 people and features a kitchen, a stage, and a dressing room. The Ernie Radbourne Pavilion is one of the most popular venues in Grande Prairie and is used by both residents and visitors alike.

Grande Prairie Museum

The Grande Prairie Museum is located in Muskoseepi Park. The museum tells the story of the city of Grande Prairie and its people through interactive exhibits and multimedia displays. Visitors can learn about the area’s history, from its early days as a fur trade post to its present-day role as a regional hub. The museum also features a collection of First Nations artifacts and a hands-on gallery for children. With its wide range of exhibits, the Grande Prairie Museum offers something for everyone.

Lawn Bowling and Horseshoes

Lawn bowling and horseshoes are two of the most popular games in Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Lawn bowling is an outdoor game played with heavy balls on a grassy surface. It is a precision sport, and the goal is to bowl the ball as close to a small target ball as possible. On the other hand, Horseshoes are games played with metal or plastic shoes thrown at metal stakes on the ground. The objective is to encircle the stake with the horseshoe or to get the horseshoe as close to the stake as possible. Both lawn bowling and horseshoes are great games for people of all ages.

Fishing in Muskoseepi Pond

The Muskoseepi Pond, located beside the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion, is stocked seasonally with Trout by Alberta Fish and Wildlife. Fishing at Muskoseepi Pond follows the statewide regulations for Trout. A license is not required for youth under the age of 16 or seniors over 65.

Thrill Hill 18 Hole Disc Golf Course

The Thrill Hill, 18 Hole Disc Golf Course in Muskoseepi Park is one of the most popular destinations in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The course offers a challenging and scenic 18-hole layout that winds its way through the park. The course is open to the public and offers a variety of features that make it a great place to play disc golf. The course is well-maintained and offers a variety of elevation changes, tight fairways, and large obstacles. It is also one of the most scenic courses in the area, with views of the pond and the surrounding parkland. The Thrill Hill 18 Hole Disc Golf Course is a must-play for disc golfers in Grande Prairie.


In 1980, when the Alberta Provincial Government announced that money for constructing urban parks in Grande Prairie and several other towns was available through the Heritage Trust Fund, Muskoseepi Park’s concept was born. A steering committee was formed, and a submission for the park’s development was made. The Grande Prairie City Council endorsed the submission, and work on the park began in 1981.

Visit Muskoseepi Park Today!

Muskoseepi Park is located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and occupies an area of over 200 acres. The park is one of the largest urban parks in Canada. It is home to various facilities and amenities, including the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion, the Grande Prairie Museum, lawn bowling and horseshoe courts, a fishing pond, and the Thrill Hill 18 Hole Disc Golf Course. The park is open to the public year-round and is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

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