Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada

Sexsmith is a small town in northern Alberta, Canada, situated in Alberta’s Peace River Country, at the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 36, about 20 kilometers (12 mi) northwest of Grande Prairie. Sexsmith was previously renowned as the “grain capital of the British Empire” since it carried more grain than any other port in the empire over a 10-year period from 1939 to 1949. In 2015, the population was 2,771 people and continued to rise. In 2013, 945 residences were recorded.

Many residents of Sexsmith travel to Grande Prairie to work, but they like the peaceful quiet life in their beautiful community to raise their families. This small town is surrounded by the beauty of nature and has vast amounts of lakes, rivers, forests, farmland, and wildlife. There are many different activities, such as camping, fishing, and hunting.

As a result of the town’s rich farming history, Sexsmith is still home to farms and grain elevators today. It is a historical museum of grain elevators and a popular site for photographers who enjoy taking pictures of these massive structures. Sexsmith is also surrounded by thriving oil and gas businesses, which provide the majority of residents with work.

Other than its rich farming history, Sexsmith has gained notoriety for its strong artistic community. With art galleries scattered throughout town, there is an endless array of local artists’ creations displayed proudly through the windows of these galleries. These works consist mainly of oil paintings and metal sculptures. Every year, there is also a small art show and sale in the local arena, where local artists can display their works and sell them to visitors.

Sexsmith is a genuinely unique town with its blend of new and old. People love living in this warm, homey community where they can enjoy their surroundings’ beautiful scenery and rich history. Although many parts of Sexsmith are very modernized, some sections of the town have managed to maintain their historical roots.

History of Sexsmith

The town of Sexsmith was founded on the property of Benny Foster, a 1911 settler, and was initially named “Bennville.” However, another community had already used the name, renaming Sexsmith after a local homesteader named David Sexsmith arrived in the region in 1898.

The railway came in 1916, and grain elevators began to be built in 1917. Because of the fertile soil, the region is one of the world’s major grain-producing areas, and by 1949, it had become the British Empire’s Grain Capital, shipping more grain than any other region.

Sexsmith, Alberta, was established as a village in 1929 and as a town in 1979 and has seen steady growth in population since its official creation. Today, Sexsmith is a bustling community that celebrates its rich history while also looking towards the future.

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Popular Attractions in Sexsmith, AB

Some of the attractions of Sexsmith include the Paszkowski House, The Sexsmith Blacksmith’s Shop Museum, Sexsmith Rail Station, and Heritage Park and Campground. These attractions are very popular with visitors to the town, who see the local historical attractions and enjoy the beautiful natural outdoor scenery.

Heritage Park & Campground – This park is home to a large variety of animals as well as a playground, making it a family-friendly place. Tourists can also pitch their tents at this campsite and enjoy a night under the stars.

Paszkowski House – Paszkowski house is a popular attraction in Sexsmith, Alberta, which was built in the early 1900s. This historic landmark has been restored to represent what it would have looked like during its construction. Those who come to visit this old homestead will be pleasantly surprised to see the level of detail that was put into restoring this historical landmark.

The Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop – The Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop is a single-story log structure with a gable roof located one block north of Sexsmith’s main commercial street. Thousands of original blacksmith’s tools and machines are displayed in the shop.

Sexsmith Rail Station – The Northern Alberta Railway Station is a one-and-a-half-story structure on Main Street in Sexsmith that is on a single property. It is a ‘Type B’ station with a bell-cast roof, shed dormers, and a maroon-colored facade, built-in 1928.

Sexsmith truly is a unique community that has managed to blend old traditions with modern technologies for an experience unlike any other. This little town truly does have something for everyone! There are many different activities here that attract people from all walks of life.