Prenatal Therapy

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy in Grande Prairie, Alberta

You’re about to go through one of the most amazing experiences in your life. But it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. And sometimes, when you think things are starting to settle down, something else comes up that makes you feel like you need a massage! That’s why Grande Prairie Massage Pro offers prenatal and postnatal massage therapy in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

We know how important it is for moms-to-be and new moms to take care of themselves so they can enjoy this special time with their babies. Our prenatal massage therapists will help relieve any aches and pains from perinatal discomfort, including lower back pain, sciatica, round ligaments pain, leg cramps, and more. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring every woman has access to quality health care during her pregnancy and beyond – no matter where she lives in Canada!

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

We proudly serve women seeking prenatal and postnatal massage therapies in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Grande Prairie Massage Pro knows that pregnancy is exciting, but it can also be tiring and stressful. Our pregnancy massage therapists are trained to help relieve some of your aches and pains so you can enjoy this special time with your family. Plus, we offer discounts for first-time clients! For more information on our services or to book an appointment with Grande Prairie Massage Pro, call us today.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy Services

Grande Prairie Massage Pro provides professional and licensed massage therapists (RMT) in Grande Prairie, Alberta, who are experienced in delivering premium perinatal massage therapy services. Our prenatal massage therapist have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a wide range of pre natal massage therapy options.

If you are suffering from any health conditions, allergies, or taking some medications, it’s best to consult with your doctor prior to your massage therapy session. We don’t want to put our clients at risk, so we always recommend that you check with your doctor before having a prenatal or postnatal massage therapy session.

Grande Prairie Prenatal Massage Therapy

We offer therapeutic massage in Grande Prairie to help the expectant mother’s body relax during pregnancy. Many women experience morning sickness, nausea, cramping, neck and shoulder pain, ligaments and joints straining under the weight of the baby, restless leg syndrome, and more during their second and third trimesters. Pregnancy massage can be an excellent way to find relief from these discomforts without medication. It is also an effective way to improve the mother’s mood and strengthen her body for labor.

Prenatal therapy is an effective complementary treatment for expectant mothers during their pregnancy symptoms. Massage therapy relaxes the mind and body, which enhances blood flow. By improving blood flow, prenatal massages can reduce muscle tension which reduces discomfort throughout the body.

Many risks, complications, and issues can arise throughout the pregnancy that is improved with prenatal therapy; our staff are well versed in the medical reasons for prenatal massage and are trained to understand where they can help you. Your safety and comfort will always be our number one priority.

Many women wonder if prenatal massage therapy is safe. Not only is prenatal treatment 100% natural, but it’s also proven to reduce stress, prevent lower back pain during pregnancy, and increase blood flow to the uterus for more efficient delivery. With the help of our skilled massage therapist, expectant mothers can enjoy a relaxing and beneficial massage therapy session.

Areas We Serve

Grande Prairie Postnatal Massage Therapy

Once a woman is through with her pregnancy and childbirth, she is given the excellent opportunity to focus on herself for once! Grande Prairie Massage Pro is proud to say that most new clients are new mothers who have just given birth. Postnatal massage therapy is very beneficial in helping new mothers recover from their delivery.

Massage therapy has many benefits for new mothers, including reducing stress, anxiety, and depression; relieving pain (especially around the pectoral muscles); improving lymphatic flow; increasing sleep; strengthening immunity; lowering high blood pressure; reducing swelling and water retention; decreasing edema after giving birth; softening scar tissue from a C-section or Cesarean section birth; reducing headaches, etc.

A woman’s body must readjust to life outside of her uterus during the postpartum period. Postnatal therapy soothes sore and overworked muscles and increases blood flow for faster healing after birth. Research has shown that postnatal massage therapy can boost the immune system by increasing levels of white blood cells. 

Additionally, it helps ease stress and improve sleep because Dopamine and serotonin, known as our “feel good” chemicals, are released when we have a massage. This is because massage causes the brain to release endorphins responsible for a “runner’s high” and makes us feel good. It also brings down levels of cortisol, hormones that cause stress.

Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage Benefits

There are many benefits when it comes to postnatal and prenatal massages. Grande Prairie Massage Pro is proud to serve clients in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas with postnatal and prenatal massage therapy.

Prenatal Massage
  • Improved Blood Flow: Pregnancy massage stimulates the circulatory system, which allows the blood to flow freely throughout the body, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen where they need to be delivered most.
  • Helps preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is a complication during pregnancy that causes high blood pressure protein in the urine and can result in kidney damage. Studies show that prenatal massage has reduced the rate of preeclampsia by half!
  • Alleviate chronic pain: From your stomach, belly, abdomen, breasts, spine, hips, ankles, knees, knees, and legs, you may feel aching, soreness, and aches because of your body changes. You might even feel some pain associated with those huge kicks and punches. Prenatal massage therapy is the perfect solution for this problem.
  • Increased Immunity: Pregnancy massage relieves stress and tension, which reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that inhibits the body’s fight off infection. A pregnancy massage can also help prepare your body for labour by prepping you and your baby for delivery.
  • Pain Relief & Better Sleep: We all know that sleeping when pregnant is difficult. Pregnancy massage can reduce swelling in the legs and feet, promote better sleep, and help you to feel more relaxed during your p

The benefits of receiving postnatal massage therapy are also great. Some of which are included:

  • Decreased Stress & Anxiety: Receiving a postnatal massage technique at Grande Prairie Massage Pro may help to lower your stress and anxiety. We believe that massage therapy should be relaxing, freeing you of all that tension. 
  • Happier & Healthier Baby: A massage can increase your oxytocin levels. These higher oxytocin levels will promote a happier and healthier baby because it plays a part in milk let down during breastfeeding.
  • Faster Recovery: Postnatal massage can help with the recovery after giving birth. It’s known that massage decreases pain and inflammation, which ultimately leads to a faster recovery for your body. Postnatal massage techniques at Grande Prairie Massage Pro may improve your circulation, which means that your body heals faster and more efficiently.

Come to the Real Experts in Prenatal Massage in Grande Prairie, AB

Pregnancy and childbirth can be difficult for the expectant female and her significant other. Grande Prairie Massage Pro helps prepare the expectant mother for labor with prenatal massage therapy. After birth, postnatal massage therapy provides many physical and mental benefits to the new mom. Grande Prairie Massage Pro is proud to serve women throughout their entire pregnancy, including before conception (fertility massage therapy), during labor (doula services), and after the birth of their child (postnatal treatment).

Postnatal and prenatal therapy is an effective option for expectant mothers to experience peace and relaxation to treat hormonal and mood changes. If you’re looking for prenatal or postnatal massage therapy in Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie Massage Pro welcomes the opportunity to help make you feel comfortable during your visit.

We offer professional services that will make sure both mommy & baby stay healthy throughout this exciting journey into parenthood. We can provide you with great rates for massage therapy sessions in Grande Prairie, Alberta! Contact us today to book your appointment.