Grovedale, Alberta, Canada

Grovedale is located in northern Alberta, Canada’s Municipal District of Greenview No. 16. It can be found on Highway 666, south of Grande Prairie. It is located just south of Wapiti River Valley, among farmland and ranchland near the northern limits of boreal forests and aspen parkland in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Grovedale is now famous on YouTube by “peg,” a mysterious man who goes under the pseudonym “peg.” He has a lot of YouTube cash and owns a bunch of old fords.


Grovedale is more than a hamlet. It’s a community that encompasses the immediate area. Approximately 500 people are living here. The Municipal District of Greenview contains the Towns Fox Creek, Grande Cache, Valleyview, Hamlets DeBolt, Little Smoky, Ridgevalley, and Landry Heights. Area population 5,611 (2015). The area was settled by the first settlers in 1928. Grovedale’s first residents are William and Mary Gabler. (Jayelle’s convenience shop is located just north of Grovedale, near the original Gabler settlement.

It was difficult for Grovedale’s settlers to cross the Wapiti River in the 1920s to reach Grande Prairie. Plum’s Crossing was the best spot to travel since it was at the lowest point. It was named for a cattle rancher who blazed the trail to the river. (5 km east from the O’Brien Park bridge) (enlarge the image of Valley).

T.E. built a ferry crossing in 1934 (at O’Brien Park, where the Bridge is now). Cooke, who owned a sawmill in this area, made a ferry and a home for the ferryman with the help of the settlers. The ferryman survived on donations from those who used it.

Some Historical Timeline

  • 1928: William and Mary Gabler move to Grovedale.
  • 1934: Donations are accepted for ferry service. T.E. Cooke was the owner and operator of the ferry. Otto Sorely occupied the house from 1934 to 1945. Because there was no wage government, he was paid food and supplies from ferry passengers.
  • 1939: Opening of the general store and post office. Farmers begin to grow alfalfa in their fields.
  • 1945: The first school was opened with 14 students.
  • 1954: Dr. L.J. O’Brien was named O’Brien Provincial Park. O’Brien was Grovedale’s first forest ranger in 1932.
  • 1958: Grovedale gets electrical lines.
  • 1958: Opening of the Bridge that crosses the Wapiti River. The ribbon-cutting took place on 28 November 1958. In the past, bridges were built by lumber companies. However, each spring, they were destroyed. The Bridge was promoted by its supporters as a critical link in developing and maintaining a short truck route between Vancouver and the United States.
  • 1963: Grovedale receives another school from a small community located 9 kilometers to the south.
  • 1960: The present site was a new school with two rooms.
  • 1967: Two-room school expanded and renamed Penson elementary school.
  • 1970: Grovedale gets natural gas lines.
  • 1975: Grovedale Community Centre built.
  • 1976: Landry Heights subdivision approved

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Places to Visit

This place has lots to offer to its visitors. One of them is the Grovedale community center. A small list of places areas follows:

Grovedale’s Grovedale Area Museum was opened in 2009 and is a recent addition. It is located south of Grovedale’s General Store. Music Festivals are held on the stage next to the Museum. 2019 addition of antique farm equipment. Just outside the Museum is a display of antique fire fighting equipment. Near the Museum is an Old Shack. Poster in honor of those who served.

Since 1960, Nitehawk Adventure Park has delighted outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. It has grown from a small ski hill to become a multi-purpose recreational area open all year. The park receives more than 40,000 visitors each winter. Nitehawk is located 10 minutes south of Grande Prairie. It also has a luge track and warm-weather activities like the Gravity Mountain bike park or freestyle water ramp. The famous wilderness campground, which has 46 fully serviced sites and 33 with power only, is open all year. The picturesque surroundings of Nitehawk make it a popular location for weddings. Their expanded chalet and rental shop were also why they were selected to host the 2010 Arctic Winter Games.

O’Brien Provincial Park, located just 7 kilometers southeast of Grovedale in Alberta, is a day-use area. It is situated on the banks of the Wapiti River. Grande Prairie is 11 km south. There are picnic tables, toilets, and a large park. You can also walk along the riverbed at certain times of the year.

Grovedale Golf and Country Club can be found just north of Grovedale, on Highway 40. It is also located 6km west. 18 holes, par 73, grass greens, club rentals. (780) 539-9898. Grovedale, Alberta.

Visit Grovedale, Alberta, Canada. You will find many amazing things in this small town.