What do you think when you come around Massage Therapy? Definitely relaxation! But massage therapy has more than relaxation for you. Learn more about the 6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy Everyone Must Know in one place. 

6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy Everyone Must Know

According to AMTA, “62% of health care providers or doctors impel massage therapy.” These recommendations came from 53% of physicians, 42% of Chiropractors, and 41% of physical therapists. If you are scrutinizing for better sleep and mental or therapeutic relief, Grande Prairie Massage Pro offers numerous services to meet your necessities.

6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is beyond relaxation and has astounding benefits that might surprise you. Whether you want mental or therapeutic relief, relaxation, pampering yourself, reducing muscle spasms, or promoting a healthy lifestyle, massage therapy is the best solution for every ailment.

Notwithstanding, what benefits of massage therapy provide to you? Scroll down below to unveil your curiosity.

  1.   Counterbalance Sedentary

Stress accumulates in our shoulders and necks when we work all day at a desk. Massage therapy can relieve postural stress caused by prolonged sitting periods and improve your overall posture. If you work at a desk job, pay attention to any pain or weakness in the lower back, shoulders, and neck. You can counter the negative effects of sitting all day by scheduling a regular massage after a busy week at work.

  1.   Accommodate Rehabilitation after Stroke

Research supports massage therapy for isolated issues for patients recovering from a stroke. According to researchers, post-stroke massage therapy enhances overall health and quality of life by increasing sensorimotor function, improving fine motor skills, decreasing anxiety and physiological stress, and improving fine motor skill development. Serotonin is expanded by massage therapy, which can not only relieve depression after a stroke but also lower an individual’s risk of having another stroke or heart attack. Massage therapy may reduce the risk of strokes even before the first occurrence because depression is a predictive factor for strokes. Massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage can also help alleviate swelling and inflammation of the body caused by strokes.


  1.   Help in Restoring Memory

Patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss after a stroke have benefitted from massage therapy techniques like reflexology and aromatherapy. The pressure points on the brain, spine, neck, adrenal glands, and heart will be worked on by a massage therapist trained in reflexology for memory-loss conditions.

  1.   Reduces Pain and Muscles Tension

 Muscle tension and pain have long been eased by heat. As a result, blood flows to the affected area more efficiently. It may also expand flexibility and range of motion and facilitate muscle spasms. Massage Therapy may be helpful for your symptoms, depending on the level of pain you are experiencing.


  1.   Helps relieve autoimmune disease symptoms

 Painful conditions such as fibromyalgia are relieved by hot stone massage therapy. Researchers found that people with fibromyalgia who acquired 30-minute massages slept elongate, had fewer trigger points, and had lower levels of substance P (a substance involved in transmitting pain signals) compared with those who received relaxation therapy.


  1.   Promotes Healthy Sleep

 The soothing effects of a massage due to advanced serotonin and dopamine levels also stimulate peaceful and restful sleep. Whether it’s pain, stress, or anxiety that holds you up at night, a massage can soothe several conditions that could keep you from retaining a healthy night’s sleep. This is not the last benefits of massage therapy, it helps to heal in numerous ways. 


Final Thoughts

Massage therapy not gets your hand only for relaxation but has impeccable benefits. Whether you got an injury while playing sports or working, massage therapy is an excellent choice. It can diminish stress and anxiety, relieve pain, relax muscles, and relieve muscle tension.

The Grande Prairie Massage Pro offers massage treatments, such as Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy, Prenatal Therapy, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Sports Massage, and more. Our professional masseur and masseuse have years of experience working with all ilks of clients, and we are dutiful to ensure each session is tailored to your requirements.

Grande Prairie Massage Pro professionals know how to help ease tension and stress and make sure patients feel renewed and rejuvenated when they leave. Book your appointment!

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