20 Reasons to Get a Massage Therapy

20 Reasons to Get a Massage TherapyThere are all kinds of reasons to get massage therapy. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up from a stressful day at work, help with an injury, relaxation after a busy week, or even to treat yourself for being so awesome. Having trouble sleeping is one of the most common reasons people seek out the services of a massage therapist.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To show you how excellent massages can be for your whole body, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons to get one! 

1. Help with Injury Recovery and Prevention

Not all massage therapists are trained as physical therapists, but those who have a leg-up know how to work with people who have injuries. They know the proper techniques and precautions to take to help provide relief from pain or discomfort, speed up recovery time, and prevent re-injury.

2. Relieve Stress and Tension

Stress is a major factor in many types of physical health problems. Headaches, high blood pressure, and back pain are examples of these problems that can have a prominent root cause stemming from stress. Massages help the muscles relax, and tension dissolves, making it easier for your body to return to a state of homeostasis.

3. Improve Blood Circulation

Massage therapists have been known to use their hands to diagnose circulatory problems, choosing methods of treatment based on what they find. And it’s not just them that feel the effects of massages helping circulation – since improved blood flow means better delivery of nutrients and oxygen, your whole body will be happier.

4. Benefit Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is the primary defense against illness and infection in your body. It’s a vital system that does a lot of “dirty work,” and it needs to be flushed out regularly so it can continue to function correctly. Massages help flush your lymphatic system, which keeps you healthy and disease-free!

5. Experience Increased Relaxation

The physiological effects of a massage usually include

  • decreased blood pressure and pulse,
  • quieting of the central nervous system, and
  • release of endorphins.

Endorphins are small proteins that act on the nervous system to reduce pain perception by blocking transmission along nerve pathways.

6. Achieve Better Sleep

Getting enough good quality sleep is one of the top priorities for anyone. Most people find that a good night’s rest is impossible to achieve when they’re stressed out, which is why it makes sense that a massage can help. Massages have been proven to send the body into a state of temporary euphoria, which usually lulls you right off to sleep once your head hits the pillow.

7. Enjoy an Improved Immune System

Having a healthy immune system isn’t just important for your physical health – it’s the foundation of your mental and emotional well-being too. If you’re stressed out, run-down, or feeling sick all the time, it’s hard to be good to yourself or anyone else! Getting massages regularly can help prevent colds and flu while also staving off other illnesses.

8. Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

One of the most popular reasons people get massages is because it can make your skin look better – even younger! When you’ve relaxed, your muscles relax too, which allows for a smoother appearance overall, making it great for treating conditions like acne and cellulite.

9. Experience Enhanced Pregnancy Symptoms

During pregnancy, many women experience a variety of aches and pains, such as joint pain in their hips and lower back pain due to the extra weight they’re carrying around. By getting massages regularly during your pregnancy, you can help soothe these discomforts while simultaneously helping to reduce your stress levels.

10. Relieve Labor and Recovery Pain

One of the best times to get a massage is during labor – you’ll be able to relax your muscles and make it a lot easier for your baby to come out! It can also help with pain relief after birth since endorphins released during the massage help ease pain from sore tissues.

11. Have Younger-Looking Skin

Getting a massage can help reverse the visible signs of aging and keep your skin looking young and healthy. The increased blood flow to your skin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while also stimulating collagen production, which will improve elasticity.

12. Have Improved Posture

Posture plays a huge role in how confident you feel about your body and your self-esteem. If you feel like slouching all the time, it might be a good idea to get a massage – having increased blood flow will help align your spine, relieve pressure on your nerves, which can cause aches and pains, and other problems.

13. Achieve Better Balance

Having a good balance is an essential part of overall physical health, and it can be hard to achieve if you have arthritis or other problems with your joints. Getting massages regularly can help loosen up tight muscles in the body, so they don’t pull on your bones and joints, giving you better balance.

14. Experience Less Discomfort During Exercise

Feeling stiff during exercise is no fun and can make it a lot harder to exercise regularly. By loosening up your muscles and joints, you’ll find yourself getting through your workouts more smoothly and with minor discomfort.

15. Receive Improved Connections Between Your Mind and Body

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, it’s hard to be in tune with your body – you might even feel like you’re floating outside of your skin. Getting massages regularly can help you stay focused on the present moment and reconnect with your body, improving your mental health and relieving tension.

16. Get Better Flexibility

Relaxing muscles during a massage will give them more flexibility than they usually would have, making it easier for you to get into unorthodox positions that might be uncomfortable otherwise. You’ll also have less pain and tightness in your muscles, allowing you to stretch further than before, even without a massage.

17. Improve Your Mood

Research has shown that certain areas of the brain that release endorphins (the ‘feel-good hormones) are stimulated when you get a massage. This means that by getting one regularly, you’ll naturally feel happier and more relaxed than before – even if it’s just because your body is producing its mood-boosters!

18. Improved Mental Health

Since the massage stimulates the release of endorphins in your body, it can improve your mental health as well as physical. Self-confidence and self-image have a huge impact on how you feel, so being even just a little more confident will help elevate your mood over time.

19. Achieve a Better State of Well-Being

All in all, massages can help you feel better about yourself and your life! They reduce pain and tension, improve sleep quality, and enhance a healthy immune system – leading to less illness overall, clearer skin & even younger-looking skin, increased relaxation for better mental health, and improved happiness.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed out or run down, give yourself a well-deserved, relaxing massage! Visit your local massage clinic for more details on how they can help.

20. You Deserve it!

We don’t think there is a better reason than this one. If you feel good, do more of what makes you feel good! So, often, we neglect the simplest pleasures in life to take care of our physical well-being – why not spoil yourself with a massage?


So there you have it – 20 great reasons to get a massage! If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, visit your local massage therapist in Grande Prairie, Alberta. They can help with everything from sports massages and chronic pain management to prenatal massages and much more.

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